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Q: What’s the difference between an asphalt blade and a concrete blade?

A: An asphalt blade has a much higher diamond concentration to protect the matrix from prematurely wearing away due to extreme abrasion. In addition, an asphalt blades bond is much harder. 

Q: Can I use an asphalt blade to cut concrete?

A: No, asphalt blades have a much harder bond and higher concentration of diamond.

Q: Can I use a concrete blade to cut asphalt?

A: Yes, but the abrasion will make your blade wear out extremely fast.

Q: What blade thickness do I need?

A: That depends on how much horsepower you’re running. 

   M: 42 hp and under use .135 

   M: 44 hp and up use .155-187 

Q: What spec. good for my job?

A: Each job depends on what type of aggregate you’re cutting. See the aggregate map below. 

Q: How much footage should I expect?

A: It depends on your aggregate and sand. Each market has different expectant footages.  


Q: Why do blades undercut?

A: Undercutting in most cases is due to cutting through the material and into the dirt or base.

Q: How deep can my blade cut?

 A: Deduct the collar/blade flange diameter, then divide by 2. 

Q: Can you repair a damaged blade or core bit?

A: Yes, we are a full service company. 

Q: Do you re-segment core bits?

A: Yes, any size, diameter or length. 

Q: Do you make custom blades and bits?

A: Yes, any sized blades up to 48” and any sized bits. 

Q: Can you make custom product in the same day?

A: Yes, in most cases. We try to inventory most all required raw materials to make things on the fly. 

Q: Can you ship directly?

A: Yes, we use UPS, USPS, GSO. Uber and Lyft for local deliveries.

Q: Can you help us determine blade cost on particular jobs?

A: Yes, we are a full service company and can help determine diamond costs for your projects.